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CYNTHIA MAHONEY and ANDREW HUFFER. Known for facilitating standout online experiences thru innovating and adapting.





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This program provides you with practical, tested support from real life experience, ready for you to adapt and apply.


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Build, utilise and adapt your people skills into the online environment

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"This is what I have appreciated about the program:

  • The thoughtfulness of the presentations
  • The structure
  • The communication between sessions to keep us on track
  • The generosity in sharing resources outside the workshop for us to access and to continue our sharing/learning
  • The way you work together – enjoyed your co-presence and the way you complement each other
  • The value for money
  • The confidence I had because I knew I was in safe hands – a testament to the respect I have for you both and the work you do"


Dr Lindy Amos

Collective Possibilities

“If you are interested in connecting with people in an online environment, not just calling for work purposes, but really engaging in ways that are thoughtful and help people feel like they are a worthwhile part of a team, then a course such as this is very worthwhile. I am looking forward to bringing the thoughts and personalities of the people I work with front and centre through the tools we learnt in this course.”


Kerstie Lee, Regional Agriculture Landcare
Facilitator, Goulburn Broken Catchment
Management Authority